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Mineral Hygienics: Mini Starter Kit

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Hey everyone, let's talk about a company called Mineral Hygienics.
They sell mineral makeup such as:
  • Foundations
  • Bronzers
  • Blushes
  • Eye makeup
  • Lipsticks
  • Brushes/Accessories
I've been getting a few compliments on how my skin looked clear in my pictures and on my beauty videos.
Well my secret of course is Photoshop, but to help with more natural looking &less Photoshop I use a mixture of their full and mini starter kit. 
It consisted of:

Personally, it's a love hate relationship with this product. Even tho you might not be able to tell on camera but not one of these shades matches me perfectly. But with even the littlest amount of foundation is mostly covers all of my blemishes and acne scarring which is a HUGE plus in my books! 

You can purchase a Custom Full Starter Kit for ($59.99). This kit consists of:

  • 2 shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF Foundation
  • Mineral Hygienics Warm Kiss mineral enhancer
  • Mineral Hygienics Sheer Perfection - Translucent finishing powder
  • Flawless Face Mineral Brush
  • Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
  • Wonder Cover Concealer Brush
  • Detailed How-To Guide

Check Out Mineral Hygienics!

Disclosure: This review was sponsored by Mineral Hygienics. I was not compensated nor was my opinions influenced. I am not affiliated with this company. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Kabuki brushes are amazing - the best for powder!! Thanks for sharing your opinion!

    Hope that you have had the chance to enter our Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway!

    twitter: @maryanddyer

  2. It's also hard for me to find shades that mix perfectly, did you try mixing?


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