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Pro Extensions: Clip In Hair Extensions

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Over the summer I had the opportunity to test out a set of clip in hair extensions, remy quality at that from Pro Extensions. Even tho we had a 30 day deadline I felt as tho I needed more time to test out the extensions. Finally I have tried them for about 3 months and I can finally give you my honest and thorough review. One thing I love about clip in extensions is the fact that you can take them out and install them like 1 2 3. No hassle! This was my first clip in extensions so I have no other ones to compare it to except for weft extensions (weaves). 
When I first received the extensions I was amazed at the shipping speed. With a $60 or more purchase you receive FREE overnight shipping. Pro Extensions sells human hair extensions from standard & remy clip on hair extensions, clip in color highlights, clip in bangs,  clip in bumps and also synthetic ponytails

When you first open the package, the hair is extremely soft and straight. There wasn't any weird smells or anything of that sort. If you choose to purchase the remy quality I suggested that you flat iron your hair pink straight prior to installing them, well that's if your wearing them straight. These extensions also curl very well, both with heat or no heat. Personally I washed the hair 1x a month, because I don't wear them too often because usually I have a high bun but I some people recommend your wash them every 2-3 weeks. I say go with what you feel is right. Remember, if you don't wear them everyday and you store them well it can last a very long time. The shine of the hair did slowly fade out, at the moment it seems to resembles Yaki-like textured hair but it doesn't shade as much.

Over the 3 months of the hair being in my possession, I have noticed it thinned out quite a bit. Never a lot at once tho. Something that I truly disliked about the hair is that it tangled a lot. To be honest it only tangled them I had all of the hair pushed back, but the length also contributed to the tangling. The remy quality lengths starts at 20" and the standard quality lengths start at 14" but you can always go to your hair dresser and have them install in trim it to your liking. If you were to do that I recommend when your taking them out to mark each extensions in the order it is placed, so that when you have to re-install them you can put each track in the right place for a flawless look.

Check out my review video.

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