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UPDATE: YouTube, Blog, My Plans.

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        I always say I have so many plans and things I wish to accomplish with both my blog and my beauty channel (here). One thing I had the opportunity to accomplish with my beauty channel is monetizing it. It might be a little bit of money going into my adsense account but anything helps. I was happy that YouTube enabled my account to do so. 
        That being said, I know I will be receiving anonymous messages on Tumblr on how I am a sell out. Like if a company is willing to sponsor my blog with a giveaway, review, or whatever.. I'm the sell out?! I love to give back and host giveaways. Same way as I love to enter them, they're fun. I mean if I had a job and could afford to giveaway a new item once every 2 weeks I would be more than happy to, BUT if a company is willing to sponsor it and I could save money in the process..why not?! 
         I digress, I for October I believe I might be hosting officially 3 giveaways. There is currently one going on at the moment. It will end on 15th. Then I should be hosting another one by the next day. Then I will be holding a joint giveaway with 2 winners, one from my YouTube channel and one from my blog. So keep looking out for it. Oh, I will be trying to get out a couple of Halloween tutorials soon, once every Friday. The first one will be a dark sultry look that could be used for costumes like vampires, goths, etc. Then I will be doing a mermaid look, then hopefully leading up to a more dramatic look (which depends if I have the time). All of that while getting a regular tutorial out every Monday/Tuesday. 
         I get a lot of requests to do makeup collection videos and/or room and closet tours but I feel as tho I want my room to be finished. I'm slowly getting everything in my room situated, put in the right place, good organization systems, some wall decor, etc. Once all of that is ready and done, then and only then will I be doing on of those videos/posts. 
            I think that's about it. Wow! This was a long post. But I hope you enjoyed reading! <3

TELL ME: Is there anything special you would want to see on my channel and/or blog?

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  1. Hi Shanice! I'm so happy for you & please don't mind the anonymous cowards leaving you immature messages. They obviously don't understand how a business or a brand works. I want you to know that I support you 100% and I totally understand. You take time out of your day to post and in the real world if that was your full time job you'd be paid for it. Its only appropriate. I'm so excited to see you grow. Job well done!


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  2. Hi Shanice!
    Just wanted to say that I support you in all that you do and you know I understand you COMPLETELY! We see eye to eye! I'm excited for your new videos and plans...woohoo!

  3. Great post... I love all these pictures!!!!
    And the design of your blog is cute.....:)
    What do you think if we follow each other?! ;) I'll wait your answer on my blog!!

    this is my blog:http://dreamsonthestage4.blogspot.com/



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