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Earrings for Sale!

By 7:59 PM ,

I am trying to sell a few of the jewelry in my collection that I never wear. Most of them are brand new, and have never been worn..not even once. So yeah!

The items I am trying to sell are:

These Colorful Feather Earrings. 
Asking for $7 | Paid $12 for it.
This menswear watch.
Asking for $5 | Paid $11 for it
These Bronze tone metal feather earrings
& These purple feather earrings.
Asking for $10 each| Paid $15 for each

Shipping on all of the earrings are $3 which includes a confirmation number, shipping for the watch will be $4.

If your interested please email me at shanice@shanicexoxo.info

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