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My Style: Grandma Friendly

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Cardigan: Thrifted, Top: GAP, Skirt: Old Navy, Boots: Thrifted
This week on "My Style", I wanted to find a cute outfit to my grandmother's birthday dinner. I decied to finally break out my semi-long skirt from Old Navy and form a outfit around that.

As you can probably tell, I loveee thrifting. I find some really good quality items there for dirt cheap. (SIDE NOTE: my boobs looks extra big in this cardigan)

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  1. This title made me giggle! Hehe, but um Shanice, this is nothing grandma about this look! Owww

  2. Lol for some reason I'm always naturally steered in this fashion direction and I have to forcefully steer myself away from it. Really though you wore it well and you missed what I would call 'grandma' but I see the inspiration.


  3. The pattern on the skirt is gorgeous! I'm following you too, thanks for the comment sweetie :)


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