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Holiday Hair from the PAST!

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I plan on doing my holiday outfit ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas soon but this post is about my hair style ideas. This is the time of the year when you see basically everyone in your family and you want to look your best.  Remember a while back when I mentioned how I was planning on going natural? Well I haven't had a perm since like...umm..March when I permed my hair for my Jamaica trip. So about 7-8 months. I think I have given it a lot of time to grow enough new growth for me to cut it. I think I'm like the only person excited for the big chop. Even when I do the big chop I plan on wearing mostly weaves. But for the holidays I was thinking about braids.. I was sort of inspired by Alicia Keys in her "If I Ain't Got You" days, Solange Knowles recently and Jill Scott at the Why Did I Get Married Too premiere

I am thinking about doing something similar to Jill Scotts & Alicia Keys for like the Thanks giving holiday. Then maybe switch over to Solange's box braids for like Christmas/ New Years time. From the 1993 poetic justice braids to the 2003 half braided look...
I am just obsessed with these hairstyles from the past
What about you, is there any hairstyles from the past your dying to try?

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  1. You are taking it back! I just got rid my braids and venturing into a new doo, but I'm such a huge fan of braids!!!


  2. I love Jill Scott's hair, but I would more recommend Solange's style

  3. do it! they're both rad!


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