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Recently I came across a magical beauty & health website known as Wahanda.com. Pronounced "wah-‘händ- aaaaaah", Wahanda lists about every single beauty & health related salons, centers, and much more across the world. All you have to do is enter your zip code or neighborhood in their search bar & the type of business your looking for. Wahanda is a community type of website, meaning you share your experiences at the spas, fitness centers, salons, etc. Such leave a few reviews here and there or comments. Wahanda even wants you to share your bad experiences. 

Something cool I learned about that Wahanda does is host something called 'MobDeals'. According to them it's a way of bringing us only the best spa & wellness deals by selling them only if enough people purchase them. So basically they will have a minimum requirement of how many of the e-vouchers are purchased, so when you purchase a deal you like you won't be charged until the minimum required amount was reached. If it isn't reached by midnight then the deal is over and you won't be charged at all. There are about 1 per day. I've found quite a few different places in my neighborhood that I didn't even know about, I even found my go-to nail salon on there. If your located in the UK or Europe and your looking for cheap spa breaks, Wahanda has a special section with up to 50% off destination spas, hotel spas, health spas, and resorts. 

You have to check it out!

FTC: This was a sponsored post. I was compensated but I am not affiliated with this company.

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