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Wearable yet BOLD Tutorial

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Blue and Purple Subtle Cut Crease Look.

I personally love this look, it was inspired by a picture I saw of Nicki Minaj (here). I wore this look out twice, once during a trip to the mall and once to a birthday dinner. I received so many compliments on this look! I believe it was manly because I was wearing blue eye shadow. It's not an everyday look, but it is wearable yet BOLD! It's like the perfect fit for my personality.


BTW. Who is liking my new logo/watermark? My sister has pinned the words "brand consistency" into my brain. It made a lot of sense to me, so I decided to match my water mark with my banner. To the thoughts I had about switching my .info domain to a .com in out of the window know, because I also realized my .info is what sets me apart from the other blogs..I'm almost-like unique?! 

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