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Sponsored: I Think I Need Glasses

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Recently I had a doctors appointment. I needed to get a checkup. Twice in a row I failed my eye exam. I’ve always known that I had weak eyes. I have a problem with looking into people’s eyes. My eyes would always starting to run. Maybe it was the sitting close to the television when I was younger or sitting close to my laptop. My doctor gave me a “low vision ophthalmology referral” so I have to call and make an appointment. I really am starting to believe that I need glasses because even when I’m in school, sitting in the front row,  I can barely see the board. At first I thought it was the teachers small handwriting until it started to happen in about every single class I took.
The problem with me is affording cute and trendy prescription glasses. Being that I’m 17 and I’m in high school, I can’t walk around with “geeky” glasses. Imagine me with “Steve Urkel” glasses. (insert laughter here) Well, I wouldn’t mind having some “Grandma” glasses for special occasions. I’ve came to realize that there are a lot of online eyeglasses websites out there. I found a few that were to my liking such as Global Eyeglasses. Purchasing discounted eyeglasses are very simple to do. All you’d have to do is enter your prescription, lens thickness, what you use your glasses for, lens thickness, form of lens/eye protection, etc. Then your done. Prescription glasses starts as low as $6.95. Check Global Eyeglasses out if you would like some funky frames!

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