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Hair She Grows: Semi-Big Chop

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Hair She Grows!
So recently I've done a semi-big chop. Why didn't I cut off all of my relaxed ends? Well my mother was the one doing the honor and she refused to cut my hair any shorter. She kept complaining that I wasn't going to like my hair so short. Even tho I kept telling her that if I'm not comfortable with very short hair once it's cut I can easily do a quick weave or go to the salon for a installation or even buy a darn lace front once I have the courage. I tell you we have been debating me going natural and not ever getting a relaxer again for months. She keeps sayings she knows I'm not going to like it. Blah Blah Blah! Well, this is how short my hair was cut. I have about 2 more inches of relaxed ends, I think I'll cut it off sometime next month.

Stay tuned for more updates along with hair tutorials and reviews relating to natural hair. Don't worry I will have plenty of other reviews and hair tutorials non-natural hair related.

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  1. I've been natural now for 6 years and LOVE it. I was afraid to do a big chop, so I cut my relaxed hair to a comfortable length (a bob, right below the ears) and kept it at that length until my relaxed hair was gone. It took about 3 months for my relaxer to grow out. Once you're comfortable with your cut, you may be able to cut the rest of the relaxed hair sooner.

  2. It may take some getting used to but once you begin styling and really researching on caring for your natural hair hopefully your mom will see the benefits. The versatility of natural hair is amazing (straight one day and twist out the next). I did a long transition (14 months before BC) in order to try diff products, gain length, treat all my hair as if it was already natural, and do plenty of research via YouTube. I will be one year post BC March 2012 and I'm really happy with the decision I made. Good luck :-)

  3. I commend you. I've been down that road two times and it is a transition, but if natural hair is what you want, it will be well worth it.


  4. Cutting your hair can be scary! I bet you're super cute with it long or short! :)


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