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Miracle Skin Transformer

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I recently had the opportunity to try out products from a company called Miracle Skin Transformer. The only have about 4 products, 3 for women and one for men. Their products are meant to minimize the amount of products you use just to achieve a flawless look. 

The three products that I will be talking about today are:

(This photo was taken using only the skin transformer and no concealer.)

  • Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face 
  • with the unique M3 Complex delivers a rich combination of anti-oxidants and vitamins, including Saw Palmetto and Passion Fruit.  Vitamin KVitamin AVitamin E and CoEnzymeQ10are encapsulated into tiny beads for direct delivery onto your skin. In addition to SPF20, organic certified ingredient EcoPhysalis, a natural plant extract, helps protect your skin from free radicals and evens out the appearance of skin tone
REVIEW: This color I received was "deep dark" if you were wondering. This color matched me perfectly. I was amazed at how this tinted skin enhancer cover my acne scars and blemishes. With the right concealer I look almost flawless. This enhancer mattify and protects the skin, so it's good for oily skins. Something I found extremely helpful was that they had a "need help choosing a shade" section. This totally helped me pick the right shade. "This product comes in 7 shades, translucent, light, medium, medium tan, tan, dark, and deep dark.

(I couldn't get my camera to catch all of the shimmer.)

  •  Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF20
    Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF20 contains the M3 Complex designed to improve the look and feel of skin – all over:
    • Tone: 
    • Streak-free and easy to apply, the transfer resistant formula lasts all day and night.
    • Dryness:
    •  Dry, rough skin on legs, arms, and décolleté feels incredibly softer, smoother and hydrated.
    • Sun damage:
    •  Age spots, sun damage and discolorations look minimized.
    • Contouring:
    •  Works to revive skin’s natural optimal collagen and elastin levels so skin looks firmer,  tightened and toned.
    • Texture:
    •  Goes beyond retexturizing to cover minor scars, stretch marks and dimpled skin with intensive moisture and color mineral pigments.
    • Radiance:
    •  Color mineral pigments leave skin looking younger, brighter, and totally luminous.     
    REVIEW: This moisturizer isn't very moisturizing and it's consistency is very watery. It has a lot of shimmer/glitter in it and it also dries out on your skin extremely fast. Personally I wasn't please with it aside from it giving me a glowing effect. I might continue to use this product in the summer but only on my legs for a glowing look. This product comes in 3 shades, Sheer Enhancer, Glow Enhancer, and Bronze Enhancer. I had the opportunity to tryout the Glow Enhancer.
    (I look ashy.)

  •   Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal
    Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal is:* Free from oil, fragrance, parabens, harshchemicals. * Dermatologist-tested & recommended for safety. * Not tested on animals.     * Made in USA.  
    REVIEW: I didn't have the opportunity to try this product out fully because the shade didn't match my skin tone. I chose the darkest shade they had which was a "Medium". I've tried other concealers in medium from a wide range of brands and it worked perfectly. This one was a little dry. Since I couldn't use it and my concealer I tried to use it as a highlighter. I applied it to my T-zone area and it worked for me. So at least I found a way to use this product because I hate wasting them. 

    Overall, these products are okay. I really do love the tinted skin enhancer tho. I am a little iffy about the other 2 products, but I can make them work.

    FTC Disclaimer: I wasn't compensated nor was my opinions influenced. The items shown in this post was gifted by the company for a possible and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Interesting, I didnt know that brand! Cool blog! <3<3

  2. I love testing cosmetics! : )
    I did not know this brand before too.

  3. What an interesting concept! Thanks for sharing!


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