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Monif C. RESORT 2012

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I was recently searching the web for a 2 piece bathing suit targeted for plus sized women and I came across Monif C's Resort 2012 'Escape to Barbados' Collection. Now I am in envy of this collection. One, Denise Bidot is slaying this photo shoot. Two, the pieces in this collection is amazing. This collection is quite pricey but I need a bathing suit from this collection. I need to put like every dime I get to save up for this. You know what; maybe I should let you all see the collection so that you can see why I am so head over heels for this collection.

Can you see why I am in love with this collection? My favorites are the "St. Tropez" Teal Fringe, "Dominica" Leopard Mesh, "Sao Paulo" High-Waisted Leopard, "Espana" Ruffle, "Belize" Mesh Inset. OMG, I love them... but they're so pricey

Disclaimer: This was NOT  a sponsored post. 
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