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Monif C. RESORT 2012

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I was recently searching the web for a 2 piece bathing suit targeted for plus sized women and I came across Monif C's Resort 2012 'Escape to Barbados' Collection. Now I am in envy of this collection. One, Denise Bidot is slaying this photo shoot. Two, the pieces in this collection is amazing. This collection is quite pricey but I need a bathing suit from this collection. I need to put like every dime I get to save up for this. You know what; maybe I should let you all see the collection so that you can see why I am so head over heels for this collection.

Can you see why I am in love with this collection? My favorites are the "St. Tropez" Teal Fringe, "Dominica" Leopard Mesh, "Sao Paulo" High-Waisted Leopard, "Espana" Ruffle, "Belize" Mesh Inset. OMG, I love them... but they're so pricey

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  1. First, I LOVE Denise Bidot. I wish I had her curves. Second, the swimsuits are gorgeous. Definitely loving the Dominica in leopard and the Sao Paul in black.

  2. This inspired me to look into two pieces for this summer!! I absolutely love this article !!

    Shelby Bee <3

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