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Official Big Chop.

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I am like totally impatient. I planned on waiting till my 1 year “transitioning anniversary” and I failed. I just ended up chopping all of my hair off while watching Switched at Birth, man I love that show.  By the end of Jane by Design I came to realize that my hair was missing. I don’t know what sparked me to cut it all off while I barely was even paying attention because I was watching TV and on Tumblr. Maybe it was the “natural” Tumblr blogs that I was viewing, maybe it triggered something in my brain that made me just grab my scissors. Well it’s all off, the permed ends that is. I love my curly “twa” (teenie weenie afro).
This was my hair after my semi-big chop but before my official big chop.
My mother hates it; she says she would have preferred if I just had continued to grow out my perm instead of cutting off my hair. Even my friends were shocked and they didn’t approve. I find myself always having to explain to them “IT’S NOT YOUR HAIR, IT’S MINE! & I LOVE IT. “They think that long hair is better, I do think that’s partially true too but my hair will grow back and might end up being healthier and longer than theirs. If I truly want long straight hair I can buy it from my local beauty supply store. It’s no big deal. These people need to accept my little ol’ curls.
                                                             I can’t take these haters ;) 

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  1. It's good to go natural.
    I'm loving it too. :)
    following your blog.
    return the favor.


  2. I like it! Don't worry about what they say .. its your head, and you hair :)!!! I'm considering going natural as well .. I love the natural curly look!

  3. Youre absolutely right it is your hair and you look beautiful. I wish I had your guts to just get rid of my ends cause its been 1 year and 3 months and a life time to go before I reach my goal but Im trying to stay patient lol. You look wonderful!!

    Editor & Chic


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