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Plans for YouTube channel + How to get anything you want

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*btw, I'm going to have a lace front review coming soon*
So I had this "schedule plan" for both my blog and for my YouTube channel for 2012. A new video every week, at least 3 blog posts every week which includes at least 1 outfit post every Friday. I totally failed this month. My posts were all over the place along with my videos. February is a new month and I'm going to try my best to stick to my schedule so that I can have great yet constant content. I want to try and have a new tutorial/review every Monday. Below will be a outline of how my YouTube channel (MakeupbyShanice) will look like per month.

Beauty Basics every 1st Monday of the month- I will tackled the basics of makeup applications, with explanations and tutorials
Holiday Inspired every Monday before the actual holiday- Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day, etc. (If there isn't a holiday I can base a look on I will have a haul/tag posted.)
Celebrity Inspired every last Monday of the month- Usually based on music videos and/or photo shoots.
Original Looks any other Mondays of the month- All other Mondays will be random makeup tutorials.
Reviews - If I would like to share a review of something I will randomly post it within the week.

That's basically it, not to bad of a schedule right? Well I just hope I can stick with it this time. Last month I was overwhelmed with a lot of things that I never really had time film-import-edit-export-upload; 720p HD is a hassle I tell you.

Which brings me to "How to Get Anything You Want". I recently had the opportunity to read this book by Janet Poole. It's basically a self-help motivational book. I love that this book tells you that you embrace yourself instead of changing yourself to fit within the world's idea of how you should be. To be your own person and to love yourself. This book relates to both personal and business goals, from loving yourself to creating your dream career to having children. With a few inspirational quotes, Just Like That!: How to Get Anything You Want is filled with pure wisdom. Just about anyone can benefit from it's life lessons. This book has made me seen myself in a different way to be honest. I recommend it to anyone that reads self-help books (find it here). This book has helped me realize what I want to try to do with my life. (More on that later)

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in return of an honest review. My opinions wasn't influenced by any means what so ever. This post is 100% true and honest!
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