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Hold On To You Curls Girls

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So I’ve been testing out this curling cream from Curls. Curls are one of my sponsors for this past month and they allowed me to review their “Whipped Cream- Curl Cream”. When I first received the curling cream it came in a plain box with brown packaging paper for support throughout the traveling. Shipping and Handling was very fast.  


  • Plastic yet sturdy and secure jar.
  • 8 fl oz. of product, the entire jar is filled with the product.
  • It grabs onto your curls and secures them with out the crunchy hold of regular gels.
  • No white flakes from this cream oppose to other gels.
  • No sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral or petrolatum oils.
  • Holds curls when used before a twist or braid out.

Takes about 5 minutes for the white presence of the cream to dissolve into you’re hair, give yourself about 5 minutes before you head out of the house if you use this for a wash n’ go.

Personally I don’t have any cons for this product or about customer service. The product works and they were extremely kind to me. I recommend their products to anyone, not only natural hair girls. You can use their products for twist or braid outs for fun kinky curls.

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