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Fine Jewelry

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Ever dreamed about your wedding day? I have friends how have been planning their big day from when they were like 10. Flipping through bridal magazines and designing your perfect bridal set of wedding rings. I’ve never really though about weddings or rings until I was watching the show that Tori Spelling and her husband hosted a while back. I though wow what my wedding day will look like. Anjolee is a high-end jewelry manufacturer that started selling its products to retail stores and later decided to launch their own website for consumers to purchase directly from the manufacturer for the best prices possible. Anjolee also sells Anniversary Rings for women starting from around $178.  All jewelry items can be customized to your exact expectations.

There are plenty of the rings that I personally love the style of such as the Perfect Three Diamond Anniversary Ring. I love everything about the style of the setting. It’s perfect for my personal style.

Something that also caught my eye was their Diamond Tennis Bracelets. They offer a wide variety of settings all at different prices. With prices starting from around $503, it’s a perfect gift for any woman. 

A couple of styles that I adore are:

Classic Four Prong Tennis Bracelet
This is the ultimate classic tennis bracelets. So chic and fits into the stackable arm candy trend that’s going on right now. Well just about any of the tennis bracelets on the website fits well into this trend. 

Smart S Diamond Tennis Bracelet
This s link design bracelet is another classic tennis bracelet, my mother had quite a few similar to these design. I guess that’s why I like it. It has that je ne sais quoi vibe to it.

If you’re in the market for some fine jewelry Anjolee is the place. They offer free shipping and no sales tax. They even offer a 30-day return policy for your consideration.

Disclaimer: This is an sponsored article. I was compensated for this article this is not a bias review it is an honest article about Anjolee's website. I am not affiliated with Anjolee in any way.

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