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Name Necklaces

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I've always love name necklaces growing up. I always thought that my friends that owned a name necklace were so cool. Now I personally just love it as a staple necklace. I prefer delicate name necklaces oppose to the chunky tacky ones. I think the reason for that is because I love to layer different delicate necklaces to create one statement piece.

Name-necklace.com features exclusive designs of personalized jewelry that is exquisitely handcrafted by only by the finest artisans. Among the materials we use are 14K gold and .925 Sterling silver, finished in the standard, sparkling or brushed styles.

They have a variety of different styles and materials to choose from. You can also get your name is any language. All of Name-Necklace's products are fully personalized. One of the necklaces that I personally like is the 'Alegro Flower' sterling silver name necklace.

All of Name-Necklaces's orders ship free of charge worldwide. They really have some cute and adorable options. I think name necklaces are perfect gifts for anyone close to you, it gives off that "thoughtful" vibe.

I also have a coupon code that I want to share with you all:

coupon code "NAMENECKLACES10" 10% discount on any order

disclaimer: this is a sponsored article. my opinions were not influenced by the compensation.

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  1. I love necklaces too my luv xoxo

  2. I've inspired by this blog as I could relate it with my self for having a Name Necklace. I'd really love my Name Necklace as my husband gave it to me as my birthday gift. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

  3. Name necklace has been adorned by many females who want to look different and unique. Usually such necklace can be customized with the name of user or their loved one that appears typical and trendy too. Name necklaces are easy to make at some good jewelry shops like Monogramonline shop etc. in which you can add your creativity to make it elegant and stylish.


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