Hi beauties, welcome back to my blog!

$1 Accessories & Cosmetics

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Hi beauties, welcome back to my blog!

So I've recently discovered a new accessories online store. I heard about it from Leesha, XSparkage, on YouTube. MISS A has everything from jewelry to nail art accessories. Which includes cosmetics, lashes, charm bracelets, etc. Best part about it all is... IT'S ALL ONE DOLLAR! Yes! You heard me right. Shipping is also a flat rate of $3.95. So that means it's not a minimum purchase price like wholesale jewelry websites. I gave myself a $20 budget just to try out some pieces. I didn't want to spend too much or too little. I wanted a good amount of items. I ended up buying 18 pieces, although I didn't showcase them all on my blog. I will link to them all below. 

Below are the other items I purchased that wasn't pictured. 

Geometric Cuff Bracelet (wouldn't recommend looks like plastic)
Eyelashes (EL747XSEL048EL00S3)

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  1. I really like anything with leaves for some reasons, so I love that leaf necklace and bracelet! x

  2. great buys! I need an earcuff...



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